This could be the design of the iPhone 15 Ultra

A new design concept of the iPhone 15 Ultra emerges and it’s awesome

by Rodrigo Sanchez on iPhone

iPhone Apple’s most popular product. Because of this information, rumors and leaks accompany it every year.

After the recent arrival of the new iPhone 14 line, Apple has not stopped working and everything seems to indicate that the next launch of the iPhone 15 is waiting for us. lots of surprises.

First, the days of the “Pro Max” surname would be numbered, and we would now have the iPhone 15 Ultra. Among its promising innovations there is something very important, and this to redesign that would come with this new Apple smartphone.

That’s right, the iPhone 15 would have a new design that, in addition to a new name, would affect the buttons and other aesthetic details. However, it has recently emerged A concept showing what the iPhone 15 Ultra might look like.

The new design concept of the iPhone 15 Ultra is revealed

Brought from various sources and featured on Weibo, this design is based on the idea: Apple would consider differentiating its “pro” models with a unique design and other innovations.

This is how the iPhone 15 Ultra was born Will replace iPhone Pro and Pro Max. It’s an aluminum device that’s lightweight and has specific features, reminiscent of the iPhone 5c, one of the possible paths Apple will follow for the design of the iPhone 15.

A Twitter user posted images of this iPhone 15 Ultra concept and we can say: Apple gives us such an iPhone!

It’s really beautiful. From the color to the little details like the texture on the back, this iPhone concept instantly sparks interest. And if the price increase that Apple may be considering for these new iPhones is correct, this design could very well be. encourage customers a little more.

There’s still time to learn more details about the next iPhone 15, but this concept allows us to dream and raise our expectations. What can Apple offer us?

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Source: i Padizate

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