first official application date for Xiaomi 13 It was December 1, 2023, but due to Jiang Zemin’s death, the event was postponed (at least that’s what was communicated). The truth is, the Asian firm found another moment for its new high-end terminal to become a reality, and the truth is, not long before that.

If you’re one of those who are waiting for the device we mentioned because it has all the flavors you have in mind for your new smartphone, Xiaomi has already decided on a specific date. December to announce the team this year: eleven. We’re talking about an unusual day for presentations since it’s Sunday, but it looks like the company has decided not to wait any longer to continue with the presentation schedule. Meanwhile, as expected, the terminal will come with various accessories such as the new Watch S2 or Buds 4 earphones.

What to expect from Xiaomi 13?

Among the options that are practically certain in this new phone for the high-end range is that all models are screened. 6.73 inch AMOLED With QHD+ resolution and curvature on the sides (and will also use 120Hz as refresh rate). Additionally, the processor will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and this will be the first official device to integrate it.

New presentation date of Xiaomi 13


On the other hand, fast charging is expected to vary between 67 and 67. 120W (without missing wireless in all versions of Xiaomi 13), there will be excellent quality in the autonomy department. It is also important to note that this smartphone will have support. Leica in its main camera for the best possible results, the main item is 50MP in any case, but there are differences in the rest of the sensors depending on the option decided to buy.

Possible surprise of the presentation

This would be none other than the arrival of the company’s first desktop computer. Its name is expected to be Xiaomi Mini Host and will compete directly with the Apple Mac mini, both in size and design. Obviously, this model would have the operating system Windows 11 and inside, it would use an AMD Ryzen 7 processor accompanied by up to 16GB of RAM. This move makes it clear that this is not a market this manufacturer wants to explore and is generally quite successful.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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