Few days left for the campaign Xiaomi 13 It is being made official and some important details of this device, whose release is delayed, are gradually emerging. What has just been revealed is the design that this device will have, and this officially comes from some images that the Asian company has released itself.

One of the big surprises to be experienced in these new generation high-end phones is the screen that will be integrated. completely abandon the side bends. And this is a success. The manufacturers’ previous trend (although striking) turned out to be inefficient. An example of what we have said is that some applications, such as the keyboard, do not fully work on the ends of the panels. Therefore, it’s a good decision.

On the other hand, it is a remarkable change that the sides will be quite flat in all versions of the Xiaomi 13. The truth is it becomes one design a few years ago, but much more refined – and the combination of metal and glass will have no shortcomings, so the charm is undeniable. There is nothing tremendously new, but there are changes meant to be positive.

Xiaomi 13 design


A remarkable rear in the Xiaomi 13

this camera module This is the most striking part of the model. big and sticks a bit of chassis, but it doesn’t look like a particularly noticeable “bump” that makes the terminal dance when left on the table. It draws attention to this element that is not fully integrated, which makes it different from any other smartphone on the market. And how could it be otherwise, it is not devoid of the imprint of its logo. Leica to clarify cooperation with this company.

The back of the Xiaomi 13 Pro


which is quite interesting cornersas they are rounded and this allows the effects to be absorbed quite well. There are also details that add continuity to what Xiaomi usually offers, for example, space for the phone at the top. infrared emitter and the placement of the side buttons remains unchanged.

Xiaomi 13 Pro has some differences

One of the most notable is that this model provides continuity to the lateral curvatures, which is due to the quest to differentiate both options (beyond better features and this model’s screen will be larger than the main integrated one). For the rest, the location of the buttons or a module for the featured camera is practically the same in the two versions of the Xiaomi 13 series.

The fact is that the design of this new smartphone, introduced on December 11, 2023, is no longer a secret and the truth is that both versions are the same. quite attractive. And perhaps the most ergonomic is the basic one, due to the abandonment of lateral curvatures.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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