iPhone 14 crash detection helps a man find his wife after a serious car accident

The Apple Watch isn’t the only Apple device that saves lives… now the iPhone 14 too!

By Sergio J. Ortiz on iPhone

The introduction of the new series of iPhone 14 revealed big surprises such as emergency calls via satellite and the function of the phone. accident detection. Two innovations with a clear focus on saving lives.

Apple is delighted to learn that its latest generation Apple Watches have been able to save the lives of their users with their health monitoring and fall detection features, and they wanted to reflect these features on the new iPhone 14 models.

A woman recently suffered serious car accident She and her husband were able to find her thanks to the iPhone 14’s crash detection function. This was announced by a user named “uncle scorpion” on Reddit after what happened.

Accident detection saves a woman’s life after she suffers a serious accident.

iPhone 14 crash detection

iPhone 14 can detect traffic accidents

Apparently, the woman was unable to alert the emergency services or her husband because she was incapable. But the crash detection function took care of everything. It not only automatically notifies the recovery services, but also sent a notice to her husband about the accident and stating that he is exact location.

“Earlier today, I was on the phone with my wife on the way home from the store, and I heard her scream and the line went off.”

The man spoke of it after only a few seconds had passed. received a notification It was sent from his wife’s iPhone stating that he had a car accident and showing the location. According to what happened, he rushed to the scene and even arrived before the ambulance.

He also wanted to confirm that a distracted driver crossed the road line and crashed into his wife’s vehicle. Fortunately, 2 people affected by the accident are in good condition and currently in recovery.

Therefore, it is extremely important to configure emergency contacts on iPhone to avoid unexpected fears or simply to get extraordinary help in such emergency situations.

This isn’t the first time this functionality has saved an Apple user’s life.. Going no further, a few months ago an Apple Watch user was able to alert emergency services with accident detection after he had a collision with his car after one of his tires burst.

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