Thanks to the iPhone 14 and its safety features, this helicopter made an impressive recovery.

His vehicle had a collision and fell more than 90 meters.

By Sergio J. Ortiz on iPhone

Satellite SOS emergency and accident detection features are a real boon for iPhone 14 users. saved the lives of two people Driving on the highway in the Los Angeles National Forest, California, and this isn’t the first time something like this has happened…

Discover someone’s incredible story rescue team SOS emergency functions and accident detection via satellite were able to save the lives of two people in a helicopter after activating all alerts. And there is a video recording!

A rescue team saves two lives with accident detection and SOS emergency functions

It sounds like a story straight out of an adventure movie. A vehicle with two passengers had a serious accident Crossing the highway in California’s Los Angeles National Forest.

They report from 9to5mac that the accident caused the car fell about 90 meters in a dive inside the forest canyon. Fortunately, one of the passengers had an iPhone 14 that recorded the crash, and the SOS emergency system alerted the rescue services via satellite.

function iPhone 14 They sent the exact scene of the accident and a rescue team managed to save the lives of two people using a helicopter, as you can see in the video footage we have attached below.

“Their vehicle slipped about 90 meters from the mountainside. They were deep in a remote canyon with no cell phone service. The victims managed to get out of the vehicle. Using their iPhone’s satellite SOS emergency service 14, we were able to reach the transmission center that contacted Us.”

As we mentioned earlier, It’s not the first time that these security features in the iPhone 14 series save a person’s life.. Satellite SOS emergency functionality saved the life of an Alaskan man who got stuck in a snow machine, and accident detection helped a man find his wife after a serious car accident.

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