They artificialized the work of a cook and created new food products. The Coca-Cola Company used a special patented version from the Coca-Cola Company. On the other hand, they keep it a secret, they don’t use the ‘raspberry’ smoothie.”

The new card “Y3000” has almost been released in order to receive it from its consumers in the future. People always want something new, but if it is rare in other countries, then this is what they want. Plus, this is the privilege of tradition, scale, and not ready-made gimmickry. The important thing is that they support these anti-factors, just like the AI ​​operates.

They also used a new label design and worked on the visual component of the advertising campaign. Coca-Cola decided to evaluate the release of a trial batch; the drink will be served during partnership projects with other brands. Please do not use the product itself. costs.

Source: Tech Cult

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