Sometimes the idea that Apple has for its range of laptops is a little hard to understand. Right now, iPad Pro tablets are being totally shameless, and it’s something some people find very sensible to do. It has been learned that the company plans to launch a new campaign. Macbook Air would be curious to say the least.

As we mentioned before, one of the data that is known and makes us think is the size of the screen that the device will have. According to the source of the information, the panel would not be less than 15.5 inches or more. It’s a rage for a laptop from a range called the Air. The truth is, it doesn’t make much sense, but Apple has the ability to do this and much more and deliver something completely convincing to the market.

The biggest MacBook Air ever

If the specified are confirmed information source, we will face the model with the largest screen of the Air series ever released. The one that will outperform is the one with a 13.6-inch panel, which isn’t bad and makes much more sense on the panel. The truth is that this feature will feature Between the two models of the MacBook Pro series. Almost everything is said by that.

Apple MacBook laptop on a table


The equipment we are talking about with retina resolution is expected to have those currently found in the latest models of this range. apple product. So you won’t miss out on some very thin edges, for example, with the so called touchpad. Forced Touch. Additionally, its camera will offer 1080p resolution, and regarding the charging port, among other options, MagSafe. In other words, there will be no big surprises in the hardware – the most striking thing here may be the M2 processor – in the design.

Release of this laptop

This is one of the juiciest data of all known, since it must be said that the production of panels that this model will use, which will not be ProMotion, will begin at the beginning of the year. 2023. And this means: spring The new MacBook Air with a 15.5-inch panel will more than likely be available in stores. Is this a model that caught your attention and do you find meaning in Apple’s laptop range?

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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