It has been speculated for some time that Apple has been considering adding changes. internal structure of iPhone. And it looks like the generation that will be announced in 2023 may be the generation chosen to step up, and the chassis of these phones is a an important step forward.

According to the published data, the Cupertino company is making the necessary moves to transition to this new generation, so the iPhone 15 will launch a structure that will have a structure like the iPhone 15. new crafting material: titanium. In this way, the use of aluminum or stainless steel, as in the different versions of the terminals arriving in 2022, would be left behind and they would all combine to gain different benefits.

would be among them ultimate weight reduction Importantly, it’s something that will do very well for Apple smartphones as they now include more sensors in their main camera. On the other hand, Increases the resistance of devices against all kinds of inconveniences such as goals (and even better withstand bending, because this is one of the biggest benefits of titanium). Of course, it will be necessary to look at whether the use of this material has an effect. especially negative impact on price iPhone’s… Not surprising since we know the North American company.

Other expected improvements in iPhone 15

In the same source of information we mentioned earlier, the new Apple phones are a increased amount of RAM is important. However, in this case, only the Pro variants will benefit… well, that’s no surprise either. the point is would jump to 8GB, which means several gigabytes more than the company’s phones currently have. And if you add to this the improvements in the Apple A17 Bionic processor, it can be assumed that good power will be offered.

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In addition to changing the charging port to USB Type-C with the European Union mandate, power and volume buttons. They would be solid state, so the mechanics (which Steve Jobs hated so much) would be abandoned, so there would be a change in operation because these elements would be tactile. It’s true that this cutting-edge technology has lower breakage rates, but we’ll have to see how that fits in with users.

One last little detail

This is nothing more than an emerging and growing rumor: iPhone 15 Pro may include a small periscope-type camera in order to improve everything related to zoom. Of course, in this generation, the main sensor would not change, it would remain at 48 megapixels.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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