Now kids at home can discover new content on Netflix. The company has announced another novelty for its platform – Mystery Box. With her as described They hope to help children discover new movies and TV shows.. Of course, with relevant and specific content for them, so there is nothing to worry about.

This “Mystery Box” will work just like the shuffle button on your music player, displaying shows and movies based on kids’ tastes. The company states that this feature was released for kids to discover and try new thingsand the fact is that babies tend to watch over and over again the films and programs they consider their favorite at the moment.

Netflix’s ‘Mystery Box’ will begin its global rollout starting this Thursday. Plus, you can use it on any Netflix-compatible device, so it won’t be a hindrance. Of course, keep in mind that although the feature is launched today, it may take some time before it is available on your mobiletablet or smart TV.

Children are drawn to what they lovetheir favorite toys, food, songs— and it’s hard to get them to try something new. So today we’re launching the new Mystery Box feature on TVs around the world to give kids a fun and safe place to discover their next favorite TV series or movie, or reunite with a familiar face from a comedy series in their favorite franchise. Boss Baby: Back in the cribor an animated adventure movie with a new cast and cute characters like Back to the outback.

T.J. Maston, director of product and innovation, Netflix

How to use the new Netflix Mystery Box

Netflix Mystery Box
  1. Go to your child’s Netflix profile.
  2. Look for Favorites Row at the top of the page.
  3. Look here for ‘mystery box‘, which will include glitter and bright elements such as a large question mark.
  4. Touching mystery box you can automatically watch a brand new series or movie for your child.

This new feature appears as a more interactive way for kids to discover new series and movies. After all, this is not the first proposal to land on the platform with the same intent. However, this is the first one that is easy for kids to use, without the need for parental intervention in the process.

In addition to this new feature, Netflix also recently redesigned its kids section.. In this way, they hope to improve navigation on the platform. Now they can also see which shows and movies are most watched by minors.

As a father and uncle, I know that every child and every family is unique, which is why we at Netflix strive to create engaging and personalized experiences to introduce children to the stories that shape their world. We hope that children will enjoy the surprise and pleasure of showing the next program or movie that is recommended to them.

T.J. Maston, director of product and innovation, Netflix

Source: Hiper Textual

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