There’s more users of Apple products using the stylus So it is not surprising that they are looking for different ways to increase their usability and number of options. And as far as you can see, they’re working on an addition that could be very important and has colors as the main character.

It should be noted that while pens were only available in Samsung’s Galaxy Notes at first, view angrily denied its use. But with the passage of time, You have seen that this accessory is the most useful. and therefore included it in the assortment – and those with an iPad perfectly accepted it. And now, there are several generations of Pen on the market.

Apple’s innovation for its pen

As we mentioned, this has to do with colors. Obviously, it has always been possible to use them when writing freehand on the screen of the device on which the Pen is used. But what Tim Cook’s company is working on wants to go one step further. Thus, we want to provide the following functionality: this accessory recognizes the true color of objects, in order to transfer it to the relevant application. A very interesting idea and no doubt differential.

Using the Apple Pencil pen


To achieve this, current data (coming via a patent Apple has received) suggests that future items will include: various sensors in the finger area being able to perceive the colors of a real object. There will be a special one for this job, and the others will be able to perform additional functions that have not yet been determined (but this may be photodetectors with different channels). Then, accuracy would be greatAnd when it comes to being useful in the personal and professional field, it will be one more step for Pen.

Currently under development

The next-generation Apple Pencil, which is likely to arrive in 2023 this year, does not appear to be the model that includes this new option. Currently working in function, integration and operation, but In the next, there may be an option that will differentiate the pen of the Cupertino company. against competition. The truth is, the progress the company has made in developing its product isn’t bad for not relying on such accessories in the first place.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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