This Contacts app with iPhones by default it is as basic as it is useful. But it offers more options than many uses. We show you some possibilities that, if you use them, will allow you to take full advantage of this development, which is an integral part of the iOS operating system.

Well that’s true New version available in iOS 16 iPhone has undergone a significant improvement that makes the Contacts app more complete, and we’re basing ourselves on that to show actions that will increase the importance of this improvement day by day. And best of all, whatever you do there is nothing dangerous about the operation of the terminal and it is not complicated either.

Little-known use of the iPhone Contacts app

These cheats will let you control everything is new -and good- They will improve the user experience that the new version of the application we are talking about has, and in addition, you have with the phone of the Cupertino company. These are:

  • Sending an email to a contact list: This is very useful as it reduces the process of sending emails to multiple people. This is because if you have a list created with different people, it is now much better integrated in the Mail app. To send, drag the name of the list to the right and you will see an icon appear for sending the message. This process is now that simple on iPhone.
  • Add people to a list… without typing anything: the new version of the application allows you to do this in a very intuitive way. This is because the drag and drop feature is now part of the app. So, touch and hold the contact you want to add to the list and place your finger on the contact’s name. Simple and yes, much more comfortable.
Using the Apple iPhone screen

  • More options while holding: This is a great innovation and many people don’t take advantage of it, thinking that when you click on it, a person’s information appears and claiming it hasn’t changed for a long time. This is an error. Now more possibilities are emerging, most of them very useful. An example is Share; Remove from list; or Copy the information it contains.
  • Use the widget on the lock screen: This is a new feature with great functionality as it eliminates having to access the terminal to be able to communicate with someone. You can add the widget to this place. Of course, in this case, we recommend using a third-party app to organize everything like Widgets. The truth is, with this option you can directly make a call and even send an email without needing to access the iPhone.
  • filter and share: Before the new version of Contacts for iPhones, sending a flashcard included everything in received. Now this can be avoided by using an initial filtering. Click Filter on the terminal screen and share the data when what you want to hide is not visible. Invisibles will not be sent.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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