although at first There were those who did not bet on PDFs As universal documents for sharing information, the truth is that adequate evolution of the format by Adobe and other companies has made it now There are many users exclusively.

Gone are the times when the creation of this type of document was limited to having proprietary software, which was also at a very impressive price. The release of processes to achieve this in the most used operating systems has made the Portable Document Format (PDF) something that everyone currently uses on mobile devices and computers in some form. Okay then, If you have an Apple Mac, we tell you the easiest way to create one..

This is how you will create a PDF with your Apple Mac

The document in question is a excellent compatibility, as you can use it with any other equipment without problems in visualization and management. Therefore, you will adhere to the universality that is characteristic of PDFs. Moreover, You don’t need to install anything for the process to be fully effective.Because everything will be inside Apple’s macOS operating system. And this is again very good news.

And what do you need to do? Well, something as simple as using keyboard shortcut Available for Apple Mac computers. This is a very simple and common thing, so you have absolutely no doubts when it comes to moving forward. In particular, you should combine Command + P keysit will take you directly to the printing options of the operating system or application you are using (both are valid).

Girl using Apple MacBook at a desk


Of course, there are some things you need to fulfill before you can achieve this. first thing open document What you can’t do is create a blank one from scratch to add options (as if it were a word). Now, use shortcut You will find an option in the window mentioned above and then appearing on the computer screen. PDF. Use it and then simply type the name of the document to be able to save it wherever you want.

many options on macOS

The truth is that, The operating system that comes with Apple Macs includes many functions. they are often not used because their existence is unknown. These are very functional and save time as well as money. Therefore, do not stop exploring the tools that the Cupertino company constantly promotes. You definitely appreciate it.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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