If you think Messages you send with your iPhone they are a bit boring, you can give it a different look like on apple phones. write them by hand so you can post later as usual. We show you how to do this without having to install absolutely anything on the smartphone.

What you should take advantage of is the function called. Sketch existing on iPhone and iOS operating system, for future use Messages app. Therefore, everything you need is located in the terminal itself and you do not have to look for anything from third parties. And in the meantime, to continue writing pencil and even your own fingers because recognition is most effective. So Apple can’t make your job easier.

This is how to send a handwritten message with your iPhone.

The steps you need to do are not complicated and you don’t need to change any configuration in terminal, you don’t take any risks It’s about the iPhone itself malfunctioning or the messaging app used not offering the same performance as usual. This is what you need to do to write or draw, because the latter is also entirely possible:

  • Open the Messages app on iPhone as normal. Now go to the chat where you want to add a handwritten message. Select the relevant recipient and click on write as always.
  • Now rotate the screen to have more accessible area (if you are using an iPad, this is not necessary in principle). You’ll see a scribble icon next to the microphone button and that’s what you should use.
Side view of an Apple iPhone

  • The time comes when you need to write (or draw the corresponding response) what you want to send. When everything is finished, you should use the Done button in the upper right area.
  • Finish sending as normal and once you do that you’re done and the recipient will see exactly what you wrote or drew.

As you can see, there is nothing particularly complicated, and therefore, included in the iPhone, this is a good option. You can do use as many times as you needand there are no restrictions on what you can write or draw. As a result, it is a possibility that you should always keep in mind.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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