Brown fat or brown adipose tissue is a special type of fat that is activated when the body is exposed to low temperatures. The main role of this oil is to generate heat to maintain body temperature. This is achieved by burning calories, especially fat.

As part of a new study, scientists learned that the best time to experience cold occurs at a certain point in the body’s 24-hour cycle. In men, it was observed that the morning cold treatment was more beneficial than the evening.

A team of scientists conducted a study of 24 thin adults: 12 men (18-31 years; BMI 18-26 kg/m2) and 12 women (18-29 years; BMI 18-26 kg/m2). In the morning and evening, all participants were exposed to cold using mattresses filled with water. The water temperature was gradually lowered until shivering or up to 9 degrees Celsius. After that, the participants were exposed to constant cold for an additional 90 minutes.

According to the results of the experiment, it was revealed that the energy costs and skin temperature caused by the cold in men were higher in the morning than in the evening. However, although women were generally more resistant to cold in the morning than in the evening, this was not dependent on the time of day.

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Source: Ferra

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