Next week You can update your iPhone to iOS 16.3. Apple indirectly confirmed this in a press release where they introduced us to their new Apple Watch bands and spheres in celebration of Black History Month.

iOS 16.3 is a prerequisite for using the new Apple Watch faces and iPhone wallpapers that will be released next week. That is why it is expected that at the latest a new version of the operating system will appear next week along with this news. So all users will be able to enjoy them from day one.

On the other hand, devices that can upgrade to this new version are already compatible with the base version of iOS 16. That is, iPhone 8 and later. In the meantime, to take advantage of the Unity watch face on your Apple Watch, you’ll need an Apple Watch Series 4 or later updated to watchOS 9.3.

As for the Unity wallpapers for iPhone, any device running iOS 16.3 will be able to access it and install it from home and lock screen settings.

Changes for iPhone with iOS 16.3

Although iOS 16.2 brought many new features to iPhone devices, iOS 16.3 does not represent a very drastic version in terms of changes. In this update, Apple has focused on fixing we’re likely to see improvements in battery life, performance, and security, as usual in this type of patch.

  • among those we know has a security key holder for Apple ID. That is, with iOS 16.3, you can use a physical device as your account password. Of course, while it may be more secure than a password on the Internet, you must be extremely careful not to lose it and leave it on an easily accessible site.
  • SOS Emergency is getting changes to some of the words in its section in Settings. Nothing too deep the change is more aesthetic than functional.
  • HomePod Handoff signal redesign after the launch of the new second generation HomePod. This way, your iPhone with iOS 16.3 will be ready to receive your new speaker and prepare it for proper setup and use.

iOS 16 came out four months ago. The update was very well received by users as it introduced new levels of customization unknown to iPhone users. However, it has had some performance issues and updates like what will be help polish the system and provide users with a better experience.

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