Is the iPhone 11 worth it in 2023?

Today we analyze the features of the iPhone 11 in the video.

Is the iPhone 11 worth it in 2023?
User with Apple iPhone 11.

The iPhone 11, presented by Apple in 2019, has been pulling its strings for a while. A smartphone with a very powerful processor that provides a very high performance. Yes, of course it does not have the latest technological innovations of the last generation models, but today Is it still worth buying an iPhone 11?. Although with some conditions.

Recently released from Urban Tecno A video analyzing all the features of iPhone 11 Today to find out if it’s really worth buying in 2023.

It’s been four years since the launch of the iPhone 11, but neither its design nor its hardware is outdated after the arrival of the iPhone 14 series’ Dynamic Island. It’s still a very functional smartphone, but from Urban Tecno they give us a few tips to buy the iPhone 11.

Video analysis of Apple’s iPhone 11

at the level yieldThe iPhone 11 can compete with almost any new generation smartphone released in late 2022 or early 2023.

However, when buying the iPhone 11 in 2023, various conditions need to be taken into account. A refurbished iPhone 11? Do you have enough storage capacity?

Check out our colleague’s video Urban Techno and discover all the results for iPhone 11:

Video of Urban Tecno channel

Some of the main disadvantages of iPhone 11 are, LCD technology and update frequency 60hz. The latest generation of iPhones and other smartphones on the market all have OLED screens and an update rate of up to 120 Hz, so spending more than 400 euros on this terminal would be quite controversial if there are other options for a little more money. .

That said, there are many refurbished iPhone 11 options that can be profitable for 400 euros or less.

In short, the iPhone 11 is still a very good performing phone. It has great power, good volume, an acceptable camera, and a screen that leaves you wanting more.

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