Through a report by Counterpoint Research, we discovered: view On the brink of the Asian crown. The Chinese market is about to be broken by the apple firm, which will break the traditional local hegemony and become the strongest distributor in the world’s most difficult market for this mobile phone industry. Despite the difficulties experienced by this industry, the American company stands.

Apple, without fear of competition!

rivalry Chinese fierce with local brands such as Alive, Huawei, Xiaomi Y Oppo Splitting the Pie But Apple has been growing steadily in Asian market share over the past few years. Keys? Some believe it is his strategy to collaborate with network operators and local companies; others point to the rise of the Chinese middle class and higher purchasing power as important factors in increasing iPhone sales in the country.

Apple is one step away from the crown of the world's toughest market

Counterpoint Research

Unfortunately, this last part of the theories and speculations about Apple’s success in Asian borders differs quite a lot with the socioeconomic realities of the country. The coronavirus has had a devastating impact around the world, but in China, where the blockades continued into 2022, it was distinctly tragic, causing many consumers to not want to replace their smartphones and directly wait until 2023 to implement the said decision. advert.

The importance of being the king of technology in China

Being number 1 in the Chinese smartphone market is very important for Apple because of the size and scale of the market. China is the world’s largest mobile market with over 1.4 billion smartphone users. If Apple manages to be a leader in this industry, that could mean a lot of additional revenue and a larger global market share. Also, success in China could strengthen Apple’s position in other emerging markets. Asia and helps to increase its presence in the global market.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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