Returning from vacation in Cartagena, a family of eight was robbed. the way of the sunfor 63 kilometers, before reaching barrancabermeja

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One of the victims described how the criminals caused the accident by placing a large rock in the road. a tire burst. Passengers set out to verify, and at that time two gunmen appeared to rob them.

The victim of the robbery Ángela Ruidiaz they groped their disabled mother as an excuse to check if he has more items.

He explained that it was the longest 30 minutes of their lives and that they would never forget because of the fear and anxiety they experienced.

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“They blew our right front tire, they stopped us, we pulled over, two gunmen fell on us, a lot of mules, buses were coming, nobody noticed, they robbed us. They groped my disabled mother. They touched my breasts and breasts to look for jewels, a half that I will never forget. time,” he explained.

Ruidíaz said they were stealing around. 28 million pesos in jewellery, cell phones, dollars, among other things.

According to Caracol Radio, the family hadn’t seen each other in over 10 years as some of them came from abroad, a situation where they regret having received such a welcome in Colombia.


Source: Exame

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