MacBook Pro: HDMI 2.1, Bluetooth 5.3, and Wi-Fi 6E, three innovations no one’s talking about

HDMI 2.1, Bluetooth 5.3 and Wi-Fi 6E: three of the most important innovations of the new MacBook Pro 2023.

The new MacBook Pros have the power and other features that make them truly incredible.

A few days ago, Apple unveils new MacBook Pro. After these were not considered for 2022 or not, the company finally released these new computers belonging to the M2 processor family.

The launch was via a press release, and ultimately, Announced its first product this year 202314-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

While its specs and news excite many, Apple has some things to hide. to surprise more to next buyers.

new models 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro They have HDMI 2.1 support, this allows the user to connect to 8k display up to 60 Hz and 4K display up to 240 Hz.

Previously, 2021 MacBook Pros only came with HDMI 2.0, which allowed connection to 4K displays up to 60 Hz. full resolution When working with your computer connected to a monitor or display.

Other innovations that come with these MacBook Pros, in addition to improving performance, are Bluetooth 5.3, which is the next step for Apple computers to adopt. a new audio codec for lossless playback.

They also implemented the Wi-Fi 6E system, the 6 GHz wireless band that makes connections faster and more efficient. surprisingly high performance As for connecting to the internet.

MacBook Pro: HDMI 2.1, Bluetooth 5.3, and Wi-Fi 6E, three innovations no one's talking about

The new MacBook Pros are the first new product released by Apple in 2023.

While these innovations are not the ones that stand out the most when talking about the new technical features of these Apple computers, they have a huge impact on the usability and experience they deliver to users..

At the moment, the first reviews of this MacBook Pro 2023 and the new Mac mini have already appeared. Reviews are positive and if you’re considering getting one of these, they can help you decide which one to get.

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