The middle class of Android smartphones is becoming more and more complex, as there are many companies dedicated to it and are releasing devices of excellent quality. oneplus has a new product in its portfolio that may be one of the best ever released in this market segment, which makes it potential big sales success.

We are talking about a device, the OnePlus Nord 3. they met It will offer many features. And as will be seen, they point to something more than adab. A clear example of what we are saying would be the integrated display. 6.74 inch with AMOLED type panel. This is already positive in the mid-range, but will also offer component options. 120Hz frequency and 1.5K resolution, that is the best available on the market. So the edition for Xiaomi and realme for example.

Other options to stand out in this OnePlus Nord 3

For starters, it has fast battery charging. this will be one about 5,000 mAh amps, is a sufficient number and ensures good operation. However, when connecting the terminal to the current, it will be possible to achieve a value. 100W power, so we’re talking about the best in existence in this episode. So, in autonomy, everything will go extremely well in this innovation from OnePlus. In addition, the camera has a 50MP main sensor Made by Sony (specifically an IMX890). Additionally, you won’t be missing out on the help of a few more items than 8 + 2 megapixels.

Design sketch of OnePlus Nord 3


If you are wondering about the main hardware that OnePlus Nord 3 will have, we have good news for you. Thus, the processor is MediaTek Size 8200A SoC made with four nanometer technology that provides power, low consumption and even excellent temperature control. Also, since it has Mali-G610 MC6 GPU, you will not have any problems in games. And this will accompany With different RAM options ranging from 6 to 8 GB. There is nothing bad.

Excellent updated operating system

How could it be otherwise, who It will include Android 13, along with Oxygen OS 13 (at least on paper, but it hasn’t been ruled out that ColorOS will eventually be included). Meanwhile, the landslide warning system could be part of this model. OnePlus will therefore be the first non-high-end to include it. And this is great news. Nothing certain as to what it has to do with the release date, but everything points to February or March to be valued at the Asian company.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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