Interesting stuff about what it has to do with it phone range iPhone 14. It didn’t seem like it started off very well at first, but right now the Pro models have stabilized and met Apple’s goals for them. Another thing is the other two variables, especially Plus, it’s becoming a headache right now For the Cupertino company.

The reason for this is none other than the existing low demand to buy the iPhone 14 Plus. Such is the data and there are more than indications that this is not a well-functioning model in the market at the moment. An example of what we are saying right now this terminal is only responsible for 5% of screen orders made by Apple. to assemble new terminals of the telephone range. Too… little. And, of course, speculations about its dark future are getting stronger.

Some devastating data

Besides, sales information shows that the iPhone 14 Plus isn’t in high demand and it’s costing stores the world to stock up… a new one. The sum of all this leads to the conclusion that there are not few who believe more than is possible. New generation phones of the North American company the device we are talking about is just history.

However, from the known data, it seems that Apple still does not think so. So in 2015, we will be given a chance again. The reasons why this is so are manifold. they range from having to make a minimum order Plus variant sized screens and even faith in the firm of the bitten apple for that matter – established and signed – suppliers this smartphone still has something to say In the market. So in September 2023 everything indicates that he will survive.

iPhone 14 Plus phone design


But of course it could be a swan song, because if everything else stays the same, Apple certainly won’t be fussy and will finish this model… which it probably is. does not give you enough benefits if everyone continues as before. And we already know how Tim Cook spent them in these situations.

Lack of innovation is key to the iPhone 14 Plus

For the entry-level and smaller-screen model, this isn’t all that relevant as its price hides it. But things are different in Plus. Not enough news to be attractiveand therefore the iPhone Pro variants are the ones taking the cake. And since this does not appear with the next generation of phones to be announced in September 2023, everything indicates that the hours of this terminal are counted on the market … in the medium term, yes.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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