From time to time, Android OS updates They do not include many new features that increase the usefulness of smartphones (only enhance what already exists). Well, it looks like this will change in the next iteration of Google development, at least regarding Google. Samsung Galaxy terminals.

In general, some of the expected innovations in Android 14; resource consumption optimization and also including predictive gestures for navigating the OS itself (something pretty lacking, it has to be said). Even satellite connectivity is expected to be supported in the Mountain View company’s work. However, unlike other times, it seems that something will happen can be custom It’s from Samsung phones and it’s brand new.

What will be special in Samsung Galaxy?

According to known data, a large number of Samsung Galaxy models in the market have received the new version of Android, which will be officially released this year, will be able to use their integrated camera as a webcam. The functionality we’re talking about will be called DeviceAsWebcam and will work similarly to how it does when using the third-party app Camo.

In this way, you can undoubtedly use the Samsung Galaxy camera, whether for a job interview or for studying online. Much better than normal integrated into laptops. Thanks to this, it will be completely possible to communicate in 1080p resolution and even 4K without the need to buy an additional webcam. There will also be great news very easy to use because for this purpose a special button will be integrated into the camera application (and also all software will recognize the hardware without problems… even to communicate without cables).

The back of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra


wide compatibility

This is because in cases where you need to use standards such as USB Video Class, you won’t need the current limitations to do so. In this way, it will be possible get to know locally even cameras and users will have possibility to activate several devices at the same time without any communication problems. As you can see the possibilities are vast. And the second can be distinguishing factor Much of this work is for Samsungs that ship with Android, especially when compared to what iOS currently offers when used with macOS.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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