The crash sensor, one of the lauded additions of the iPhone 14, prevents rescuers from moving. The feature, which can detect serious accidents and automatically call emergency services, has generated more than 130 fake calls in Japan.

in Nagano, The Kita-Alps Fire Department said it received 134 false calls for help in one month.. Most of the events were triggered by the iPhones of people skiing in the mountains.

Several false distress calls generated by the iPhone 14’s collision sensor were also reported by Canadian and US alpine ski rescuers. Additionally, the function has been activated several times during roller coaster rides.

This is because high speeds and impacts during these activities can be mistaken for serious car crashes.. That’s why Apple phones call emergency services.

It is worth noting that before making the emergency call, The iPhone counts with a beep and the user must turn it off to show it’s aware.. However, during more intense activities, the person may not hear the alarm and therefore the device will not cancel the call.

However, by responding to false calls, rescue groups may be diverting resources that can be used in accidents involving real victims. That’s why experts recommend using common sense when enabling the feature.

The collision sensor is found on iPhone 14 and newer Apple Watches.

Apple Solutions

Apple has already announced that it is aware of issues with false calls made by the collision sensor on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. In December 2022, iOS 16.1.2 introduced a feature optimization patch.

Despite the “false positive” situations, it is recommended to keep the function enabled in certain situations. For example, it has already collaborated to save the lives of several people and was crucial to finding the victims of a deadly accident in the United States.

Source: Tec Mundo

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