This apple air label Some accessories that offer quite interesting options, especially for those with bad memory. However, they are far from being a complete product for now because it has some flaws that need to be taken into account (such as misuse to persecute users). The fact is that some users have a problem in function to warn including.

As always with the first version of an accessory, this one comes with a few things to polish off, and the Apple AirTag isn’t exactly an exception. The thing is, they have been reported few users getting false alarms indicates that someone is following the device even though they are not. Therefore, one of the functions that is essential in these small wireless trackers is not performed with the desired effectiveness as there is actually nothing.

It is worth noting that the Cupertino company has added this option. unwanted traces Chasing people or cars that ultimately cause trouble for those who have one of these trackers. The solution was sufficient, as a warning message was sent to the user when an intrusion was detected… but it seems it still needs improvement.

Fears that come to nothing

Frankly, the aforementioned feature makes all the sense in the world and is completely necessary to avoid issues with AirTags, so Apple is right to include it. However, due to the small positive experience that several users found to be getting the message and clearly worried, it seems pretty obvious. performance needs to be optimized.

Apple AirTag in a box


What is unclear at the moment are the reasons why this is happening, at least officially. On the contrary, there are some fairly well-founded theories, such as that put forward by researcher Marcus Geisler, who show what the model created by the Apple AirTag has to do with it. movement– “something weird” that can lead to the errors we’re discussing. So much so that sometimes history is similar to and makes sense when a cat wears the accessory. that does not make sense and may affect and confuse the software.

The fact is, as discussed in the information source, enough hintsIt is Apple’s job to take steps to ensure AirTags work effectively when unauthorized tracking is detected. Of course, the firm led by Tim Cook, meanwhile, will fix it with an update if there is a fault with the accessories. reaching the first year of life (and therefore they have to replace their batteries with a new one).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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