Few hope to see the new. apple iMac before summer, but the latest information shows that something is up they are not particularly optimistic about. But yes, if the reasons for this are met, of course more than one person will not hesitate to increase the wait a little more.

The model that Apple seems to be planning to update this year in 2023, 24 inch screen, so we’re talking about one of the Cupertino company’s bestsellers (which is why they might be expected to make a few jokes). The source states that the delay doesn’t seem particularly long, as it’s hinted that the model could be announced eventually. end of this year thus reaching the always important Christmas sales for tech companies. So it’s really nothing too serious.

Side view of Apple's iMac


Reason for Apple iMac lag

According to known data, the processor will cause the manufacturer to slightly delay the dates when the new computer with macOS will become official. The idea is that the team inside there is an M3, a processor developed by Apple itself and that it will not be available for sale before the summer of 2023. Hence the delay, which is more obvious as new iPhones are expected in September, and as it makes sense you don’t want anything to be overshadowed. .

This chip, which will have a production technology of three nanometers and thus will be more powerful by consuming less, is expected to be included in Apple’s other new product ranges. An example MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops thirteen inches… Curiously, it is believed to come this year as well. Maybe the bitten apple company will hold an event for them all in the fall.

The screen of an Apple iMac

A much needed update

With the speed at which the technology market is moving, and with that in mind The latest Apple iMacs from 2021 (There is an M1 processor in them), it is clear that the company needs to renew the equipment in order not to fall behind in the face of competition. Of course, it is a matter of curiosity whether the model we mentioned will come. With a 27-inch screen… questionable enough, but for most it may be necessary.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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