Apple is one of the companies most affected by the EU decision, which forces all companies. use the USB type C port to charge your batteries. This is positive for users, but the Cupertino firm is not doing well because until now Lightning has used a custom interface to its liking.

The thing is, if Apple wants to sell phones and tablets in Europe, it needs to make that change… It’s already done that with some tablets and computers. It is true that it is complaining about smartphones, but there is no choice but to include USB type C in the future. iPhone 15. But yes, implementing this is something that is not fixed how it should be done, and knowing the company led by Tim Cook, it might be a little surprise.

Some speculated at first that the company would not sell terminals in the Old Continent… But this is quite unrealistic given the huge market that exists for the iPhone and, moreover, such high prices that are known to everyone. There was even speculation about the option. only use wireless charging on devices… It’s workable, but something that seems difficult to adapt to many users.

The craziest idea for Apple iPhones and USB Type C

Well, here’s an image of an Apple fan who decided to take action on the issue and offer the company a new option with a bitten apple; this, yes, seems a bit crazy, but by no means impossible to implement for design reasons. . we are talking about using two parallel portsone is USB type C to meet the demands of the European Union, and the other is to continue using Lightning for other things done with the iPhone 15. It’s real madness.

Apple iPhone with two ports


As it can be seen physically, it is possible to fit both elements into the terminal and integrating the control chip into the internal card of the device should not be a problem. But the truth is the effectiveness of either option will not be optimal because even the software is not ready to use two ports at the same time and even information management problems can be feared. But let’s not give Apple an opinion.

Some Apple fans don’t see this as bad

For those who are Apple followers and have accessories that use the Lightning connection, this will be a good solution so that the company no longer loses control of how solvent and stable it has become. Some even talk about back to 2016 status Apple phones can be charged while listening to music with wired headphones. But the truth is, this option is nothing short of crazy… curious, yes.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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