The following comment has been made for a while: view I was intending to start New model of MacBook Air laptop with big screen. There are many who think that the company has no place in the product line (because it would compete with the Pro) but those from Cupertino apparently disagree and this team may soon become a reality.

So much so that, according to the emerging data, it is believed that the laptop we are talking about may become a reality this year. Some sources are even more precise and include the announcement of the new product. for the month of April 2023. That’s why we’re talking about an unexpected arrival that we’ll see how it will sit on the market when it goes on sale soon.

Screen size of the new Apple laptop

Well, as stated, the new MacBook Air is a 15.5 inch screen. As a result, the production of the computer would have already begun, especially with everything related to the panel it will integrate, which is expected to maintain the usual levels of quality in Apple products (i.e. more retinal compatibility). To give an example from the insured). On the other hand, it can be expected that this device will come with the most powerful processor of the company.How is the M2 In order to compete in the best possible way – to increase the attractiveness of the device, the M3 option has not been overlooked.

The screen of an Apple MacBook computer


It is also stated in the same information source that it is not unreasonable to launch next-generation computers along with the new MacBook Air, which will feature the largest screen ever seen in a computer in this product range. the 13 inch model adapt it to the new options that the innovation will offer. Therefore, this spring is portable whatever has to do with Apple laptops.

Prices… nothing new will be seen

Considering that a new MacBook Air was announced in July of last year for $1,199, it’s the cheapest option, considering the minimum of 1,300 or 1,400 due to screen sizes. be very strong Therefore, we are talking about a product. Maintains Apple standards 100% (both in quality and cost).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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