So-called screen burn-in occurs when users leave an image on the screen for too long, causing pixels to later have trouble changing color to another. This can easily happen with blue colors, although it can happen with any image left on the screen for too long, especially at maximum brightness.

Screen burn-in can also be permanent and be considered a hardware defect rather than a software graphics or display driver issue. Here are a few steps you can take to avoid this issue.

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Step 1: Turn off your device

This is the simplest and often the most effective solution, especially if you spot image retention early and want to fix it quickly. Turn off your phone completely and let it rest for a couple of hours.

If the screen ghosting issue is still minor, it gives the pixels enough time to “rest” and get rid of those “burnt-in” images, so your phone will look normal when you turn it back on.

This is an advantage of the versatile organic pixel layer used in OLED-based displays, which is easier to fix than the pixels used in past technologies.

Step 2: Get a Corrective Statement

If turning off the device for a while does not completely solve the problem, try retraining the screen pixels to restore their balance. There are applications designed specifically for this task.

On an Android device, the Play Store has a large selection of apps, including OLED Saver. If you have an iOS device, you can use an app like Doctor OLED X. The cycle function uses pixels through multiple colors and brightness levels to try and reset them.

If you don’t feel like downloading the apps, you can visit the ScreenBurnFixer site, which has a video section with color slides and checkered patterns to help you get your pixels back. Run a few and see if they can help you.

Step 3 – Change your settings

Android mobile screens show WhatsApp in dark mode
whatsapp in dark mode for android.

There are also some settings on your mobile device that you can change to prevent or reduce markup issues. Be sure to follow these guidelines:

  • lower brightness settings– The higher the brightness, the more difficult it is to work with OLED pixels, which can lead to screen burn-in. If your mobile device is constantly set to high brightness, change it to automatic or low to prevent damage.
  • Set your lock screen and timersA: All cell phones are equipped with an auto-lock and sleep timer that turns off the screen after it has not been used for a while. Make sure this setting is enabled and set to a minute or so. If you have not checked your device during this time, it is best to turn off the screen and lock it. This essentially prevents afterimage because the screen won’t be on all the time for this to happen.
  • Get rid of menus, status and navigation bars– Image retention may also occur if you actively use an app with a persistent toolbar or notification bar, such as while playing a game or watching a movie. When they don’t disappear, they cause screen burn-in. Look for options to hide these icons and tools so they aren’t always present. Immersive modes of your mobile operating system too.
  • Enable dark mode: Doesn’t guarantee to prevent image retention, but on your mobile device it can help mitigate the risk, especially when it comes to overusing brightness levels. You can also try choosing dark keyboard skins.

burnt lcd screen

This issue can also occur on mobile devices with LCD screens, although it is less common. For the same reason, it’s harder to solve because LCD pixels work very differently than OLED versions.

When you burn the screen on an LCD device, the results are likely to be permanent. However, you can try using the LCD Burn-In Wiper, which cycles through colors like the OLED versions, to get the pixels working again.

If your screen doesn’t improve, contact your phone manufacturer quickly to inquire about your phone’s warranty and see if you’re eligible for a replacement.

Source: Digital Trends

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