iOS 16.4 includes noise isolation for calls on your iPhone

The latest iOS update promises to improve call quality!

Soundproofing can be enabled in iOS 16.4 developer beta

iOS 16.4 beta is now available to developers. And one more feature has been added to the previously known features that will prompt an update as soon as possible. According to notes shared by Apple, This iOS update will finally include sound isolation for cellular calls.

As when using other devices, the sound isolation function will give priority to our voice and blocks out ambient noise when answering a phone callwith the logical benefit of improving the quality of calls.

The quality of calls on iPhone will be better

Until now, noise isolation was available for VoIP using FaceTime, calls in apps like WhatsApp on devices running iOS 15 or macOS Monterey or later, and is designed as follows: Significantly improve microphone quality during calls by reducing background noise.

How to enable soundproofing feature on iPhone?

In case you have an iOS 16 compatible iPhone, you can install iOS 16.4 beta without any problems for now, all you have to do is download the developer profile to your iPhone and go to Settings > General > Update software. Download the beta version of the operating system. You can also sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program and follow the instructions.

Once installed, you can: enable sound isolationby following the steps below:

  • start a search make a phone call with someone
  • During the interview, Control Center on your iPhone.
  • choose microphone mode.
  • choose option sound insulation When this mode is enabled, iPhone blocks external sounds to focus on your voice. For disable this modfollow the same steps again and Select Standard from the list.

After the beta release of iOS 16.4 The official launch is expected in the last week of March or the first week of April at the latest..

Between Other features confirmed for iOS 16.4 they find each other:

  • New animations in the music app.
  • rich preview Mastodon web content in the Messages app.
  • with a choice 21 new emojis.
  • New emoji pack introduced in iOS 16.4
  • Access push notifications for Safari web apps with notification bubbles and more.
  • Third-party browsers may display a user interface to add a web page to the home screen.
  • Fixes and improvements 5G connectivity.
  • Library improvements digital audio file quick access to subscribed channels and more intuitive navigation.
  • New filter for concentration modes in Shortcuts.

Source: i Padizate

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