Apple Pencil is better with iPadOS 16.4

The iPad gets a great feature for the Apple Pencil but will be limited to the iPad Pro with the M2 chip.

A major breakthrough is coming with the iPad Pro M2 for the second generation Apple Pencil.

Cupertinos they work hard and yesterday released a series of updates, iPadOS 16.4 included. In addition to improving the performance of iPads and other devices, An accessory that brings great utility is the Apple Pencil.. According to an Apple executive, the Apple Pencil is getting better, but only if you have an M2-capable iPad Pro. If you haven’t seen it, these are the news of iOS 16.4.

Small detail of iPad Pro M2 and Apple Pencil

Over the years, Apple has limited many experiences and new features to its latest devices. The example below explains it perfectly. In an interview with TechCruch, entry level experience directorLeslie Ikemoto He noted an improvement in swipe functionality when using the Apple Pencil.

iPad Pro 2022

The 11-inch iPad Pro features an M2 chip with an 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU

How does experience develop? iPad knows exactly where the pen tip is on the surface. This is possible Thanks to the technology behind the M2 chip. Basically, the Apple Pencil emits some kind of signal that the iPad interprets, and to use it, besides knowing the angle at which it’s projected, it’s possible to determine its position in some kind of 3D format. Before any hit is taken, iPad will show a preview of what it will look like.

Drawing apps are the most used

Procreate caseHe has a small, thin pencil-style brush, which is given as an example in the interview. It thickens when tilted to create a shadow effect. The app will show what happens when the tip comes into contact with the glass.

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil at work

Apple has no doubt kept its word ever since. Last October, Apple announced the addition of the swipe feature for the Pencil.. With the M2, drawing on iPad Pro will go to another dimension, the downside of the iPad world is that this experience is limited to the most powerful device in the series.

It has been suggested since launch that it will be a powerful device. can replace a PC. In some cases they’ve accomplished this superbly, but in other tasks it’s difficult.. The M2 chip is great, if it has already demonstrated this with the previous M1, it’s enough that Apple can deliver a system that can use it to the fullest.

According to Stephen Tonna, product marketing manager at Savage Interactive (the Procreate app), the iPad is first and foremost a touch device. It’s like holding a glass plate. Adding different accessories unlocks various abilitiesThe Apple Pencil, according to his words, adds an incredible experience. Another way to think about a pen and iPad. We’ll see how other drawing and note-taking apps take advantage of this new functionality.

Source: i Padizate

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