Mansana threw studio display a little over a year ago, but there are already rumors of a possible successor. However, they are still as contradictory as on the first day. Yesterday, for example, analyst Ross Young assured that Cupertino canceled the development of its new 27-inch external monitor with a miniLED screen. Although today Ming-Chi Kuo assured that the product is still in the plans of the California firm, it will not appear on the market until a couple of years later.

It’s worth clarifying that while we’re referring to the product as a hypothetical new studio display, the information doesn’t make it completely clear whether it’s actually related to it. However, it is logical to assume that this is the case. given its size. Let’s not forget that Pro Display XDR, Apple’s most advanced display, features a 32-inch 6K panel. True, there were rumors that this could be an intermediate product between the two options, but we are entering more speculative territory.

Yang revealed yesterday that Apple has decided to cancel a new 27-inch miniLED external monitor. However, he did not give details about the reasons. Bye Kuo confident in the last hours that those from Cupertino are sticking to their roadmap and what they are planning start its mass production in 2024 or, at the latest, in early 2025..

Kuo’s predictions also indicate that the new monitor will include “every feature you would expect from a high-end monitor.” The statement is, of course, rather vague, but it also introduces other possible innovations. The analyst mentions that, in addition to the miniLED screen, the hypothetical new Studio Display will include glass panel.

Apple’s next Studio Display could arrive as early as 2025

Apple Studio Display

The use of glass will enable the next Studio Display’s screen, Kuo says. be thinner and with narrower bezels. But not only that, as it will also help give the product greater durability. Of course, these data should be treated with some skepticism, especially when it comes to the monitor, the expected launch of which will take place in at least two years.

Curiously, although the expert claims that Apple has not abandoned the development of this new external monitor, did not mention the possible introduction of ProMotion technology again. Let’s not forget that an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz was one of the rumors about the original Studio Display’s capabilities, though it never materialized in the end. This might be included in the “high quality features” link, but that’s nothing more than speculation today.

Given that Studio Display has only been on the market for a year, Thinking that a hypothetical successor will appear in 2025 is not unreasonable.. At least when it comes to time. It’s also a reality that the Pro Display XDR was launched in 2019 and rumors pointing to a supposed upgrade have been around since at least 2021.

At the moment there is no other choice but to keep waiting. Will the next studio display make the long-awaited transition to a miniLED panel? How might this affect your price? These are interesting questions, but today there are no answers to them.

Apple is currently selling its 27-inch Retina 5K monitor starting at €1,779. Nothing cheap, but significantly cheaper than the Pro Display XDR, which starts at €5,499 and doesn’t include support.

Source: Hiper Textual

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