Steve Jobs’ daughter can’t live without the iPhone 14, but she made fun of him months ago.

After the launch of the iPhone 14, Eve Jobs shared a funny meme about the smartphone.

Eve Jobs currently models for brands such as Vogue, Louis Vuitton and Coperni.

Eve Jobs, one of Steve Jobs’ daughters, said in an interview with The Strategist recently that she “can’t live without her iPhone 14” on her list of things she can’t live without. In any case, it will be a natural and understandable expression. However, a few months ago, he made fun of the meme of a man who received the same shirt he wore as a gift with his iPhone 14.


Eve Jobs pointed out that this is how it will look after upgrading to iPhone 14.

With this meme, Steve Jobs’ daughter hinted at the fact that the design of the iPhone 14 has hardly changed compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 13. Eve Jobs shared the meme on her Instagram account after the launch of the new iPhone 14 series in September 2022.. Next to the meme was a caption that read, “Me after upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple announcement”. He can’t live without that iPhone he’s now making fun of.

Home Jobs

Eve Jobs shared a story mocking the design of the iPhone 14

Eve Jobs surrenders to the supremacy of the iPhone 14

Home Jobs Youngest daughter of Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell Jobs. She graduated from Stanford University and is a famous rider who competes in the equestrian show jumping modality, even winning a competition. Bronze medalist at the Pan American Games 2019. She also models for big brands like Vogue, Louis Vuitton, Glossier and Coperni.

The latest generation iPhone 14 includes: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. While it’s true that the meme that Steve Jobs’ daughter shared on social networks is largely true, the iPhone 14’s constant design has been slightly updated thanks to the Dynamic Island or Dynamic Island app. a small bezel embedded in the top area of ​​the screen now for the front camera and Face ID facial recognition sensors that show notifications, alerts and live events.

What do you think about Eve Jobs’ statements? Do you think the iPhone 14 is a copy of the iPhone 13?

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