The 14-inch iPad Ultra may include an M3 Pro processor

Apple could turn a new page in iPad history. According to a leak, the iPad Ultra will feature an M3 Pro chip and a special version of iPadOS.

The iPad Pro may make a splash in its features and name in the future.

HE iPad Pro could take a new spin separating it from its younger siblings. According to leakerThe future 14.1-inch iPad Pro may include: M3 Pro chip. I would run Special edition of iPadOS and ability Support for 2 6K displays at 60 Hz. While it is true that it will be released in the future given the previous timeline, it is a bit hasty to talk about a chip where the original chip, the M3, has not yet been released.

The iPad Ultra would be an excellent iPad with a Pro chip among other features.

As soon as the M3 Pro chip arrives, M3 expected to bring new 13.6-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro to life. If we take into account the release cycle that Apple has given to M-series chips, M3 Pro and M2 Max visible until 2024. In this special year, Mark Gurman provides a complete revolution for the device.

Apple’s approach to the iPad Ultra will be interesting (if that’s what it’s called after all). Right now, Only iPad Pros getting M-series chips In the input range which is M1 and M2. A major concern is that the Pro and Max chips are the most powerful and require a fan for cooling.


Apple iPad Product Catalog

What will Apple do with it? Those from Cupertino probably found the winning formula to include a chip strong enough to be a chip. M3 Pro on 14-inch iPad without the need for active cooling.

Is such a powerful chip necessary to have a vitamin iPadOS?

you always have to put arguments on the table, especially with this rumor that should be taken with a lot of suspicion. If Apple decides to buy an iPad Ultra, will the iPadOS experience be like macOS? Besides having a high price, The target audience of this product will be limited to professionals. Photo, video, and designers or users who depend on design software throughout the entire workday.

Current iPad Pro 11 and 12.9-inch

Current iPad Pro 11 and 12.9-inch

It should also be taken into account that iPad Pro with M1 and M2 didn’t take full advantage. There is no surprising story that the iPad is known to represent a change compared to other previous devices. The iPad Pro is already a powerful device, but it needs some improvements.

leaky The company, which started the wave of rumors about the 14-inch iPad with the M3 Pro, also says that a new software is being worked on for the device.

Professional apps like Final Cut and Logic may arrive in the coming years, especially in 2024 and 2025.. In addition, the USB-C enabled iPhone 15 Pro will also be able to support external monitors. As if that weren’t enough, something like a dynamic island could be found in iPadOS and macOS in the very distant future. Then, It’s too early to talk about these latest statements. things that are rumored at the end.

Source: i Padizate

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