New discussion at Apple! One of the main display suppliers is BOE, a Chinese giant that competes with Samsung every year to produce the panels that will bring life to different generations of the iPhone. But this year it is likely to lose all orders. Apple’s next phone.

We knew BOE would be one of the main suppliers of the iPhone 14 display, but Apple now has its doubts. And they look pretty solid. More than anything, because as reported by Korean portal The Elec, BOE replaces iPhone 13 display components without company permission Passing strict quality controls performed by the American manufacturer.

Amid a components crisis caused by the global pandemic, BOE struggled to get enough display controller chips. One of the components most affected by worldwide famines.

Apple BOE discovered changing components

On the other hand, BOE suffered from very poor performance rates, with a large number of units failing Apple’s stringent quality controls.. It is worth noting that Samsung Display, the manufacturer of the most advanced OLED screens, usually achieves a 60% return rate when producing iPhone screens, making it clear that they are really strict about this.

The problem is BOE decided to cheat, without saying anything, reduces the features of the iPhone screens it produces. According to The Elec, BOE changed the circuit width of film transistors by making them thicker. It’s simpler to manufacture with this, but Apple discovered the trap.

The Chinese company tried to explain, but Apple didn’t believe it., as expected. BOE also asked the company to confirm that they can start production of OLED panels for the iPhone 14, but the company founded by Steve Jobs did not respond, so everything indicates that BOE will remain without its share of the pie.

Is the iPhone 14 launch in jeopardy?

taking into account Apple is very meticulous about quality controlsand now that BOE is trying to scam him, it’s possible that the Bitten Apple company cut ties with the Asian supplier, or at least drastically reduced its orders.

It should be noted that BOE is the third largest supplier of iPhone displays after LG Display and Samsung Display. Even so, the Chinese manufacturer had expected to receive an order of 40 million units, with overall probability, which would ultimately be a much lower order or no units at all.

Most likely Apple will extend the contract with Samsung or LG to cover the stock, but at the same time It’s possible that there will be a first run with fewer available units of the iPhone 14 at launch.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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