whatsapp announced the arrival new opportunities who seek to facilitate the way we communicate. Popular messenger improved poll feature, which now allows you to be notified when someone votes or place them in a chat search. The app also supports redirects with subtitles where you can add text to images or videos before forwarding to your contacts.

According to WhatsApp, the new updates hope to boost productivity without sacrificing enjoyment. As for surveys, users will have an alternative at hand create polls with one votewhere people can vote one or more times. This feature will appeal to those who need an exact answer and do not want to repeat the same text in all options.

Added to it, WhatsApp integrates polls into the chat browserso it will be easier to find them. Users will be able to filter posts just like they do with photos, videos or links. This is achieved by pressing Search on the chat screen; later by choosing Survey We will see everything that we have created for this person or group.

WhatsApp receives notifications when you create a poll

Finally, users will be able to receive notifications when someone votes in their polls or view the total number of votes. In a world where different services and apps are vying for your attention, adding an extra notification to the list doesn’t sound all that appealing. However, people who enjoy creating polls or spending hours in a group chat will find the new additions useful.

WhatsApp will provide descriptions of images and videos before they are sent.

Message forwarding is one of the most used WhatsApp options. Every day, millions of users receive images of landscapes with motivating phrases or passages from the Bible. While you don’t have to give context to a meme or Tweety photo with the caption “Good Monday”, you can now do so thanks to a new feature.

whatsapp enabled forward with subtitlesyes, that allows add descriptions to photos or videos. If the original content contains no additional information, a caption may be inserted. If it has any text in it, users will have the option to save it, rewrite it, or delete it before sending it.

WhatsApp adds descriptions to sent photos and videos

This feature will also be added to files or documents that we share a regular message. Sometimes a little explanation needs to be added, so whatsapp will play a feature that until now was only available when sending a photo or video..

All changes will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks. If you have already updated to the new version of WhatsApp and they are still not activated on your device, you will have to be patient.

Source: Hiper Textual

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