This portable battery with 20,000 mAh and 65 W is on sale for half the original price

One of the most recommended external batteries on Amazon is on sale.

Highly recommended external battery providing excellent value for money

Summer in Spain is just over a month away, and those tourist trips, bike rides and sunny days at the beach will finally return. While it’s true that you need to disconnect a bit, iphone and screens in general, it’s important to always have a battery in your cell phone in case of an emergency… and for those selfies Your memory!

And of course, imagine you’re in the middle of your summer vacation, walking out of your hotel room so excited to visit a secret cove (or have a drink at the beach bar) hidden on an idyllic island. when you suddenly realize you have 5% battery… Will you stay in a hotel room until you have enough batteries? Not at all! We want solution! Easy, just use one excessive battery How are you.

Baseus external battery

A battery with very advanced features and a highly recommended price

Baseus external battery has high speed charging. 65W power and compatible with iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Moreover, 20,000mAh capacityenough to last at least a week between charges.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that he has. smart led display Shows the remaining battery percentage. it has a port USB-C and three fast charging outputs. Come on, everything is there.

Normally this Baseus brand external battery costs 89.99 euros, but is currently available for a limited time with a 43% discount and a price of 1.99 TL. €51,68. While there are tricks to extending your iPhone’s battery, it’s a luxury for an external battery that could save your life on your next vacation.

Baseus external battery

If you are not completely convinced with this product, you can choose another alternative from these external battery options for iPhone with all kinds of features.

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