Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known technology analyst, posted on his account Twitter information to the public’s attention. According to the above, the new HomePod could hit stores from late 2022.; or early 2023. However, it may not be as new as previous leaks have suggested.

In a tweet, Kuo notes that a new HomePod is already in development at Apple offices. However, it doesn’t seem like it will bring too many changes in terms of design and functionality. For this reason, some have begun to speculate that it could be a replacement for the discontinued original HomePod; or even a slightly upgraded version of the current HomePod mini the company sells.

Apple will release a new version of the HomePod in Q4 2022 – Q1 2023, and there may not be much innovation in hardware design. Smart speakers are undoubtedly one of the most important elements of the home ecosystem, but I think Apple is still trying to figure out how to succeed in this market.

Ming Chi Kuo

Since the original HomePod has been discontinued, there have been many rumors about a possible resurrection. Now it seems that these words of Kuo may indicate that Apple is in the process. On the other side, HomePod mini has not been updated since its original launch in November 2020. —except for the new colors—. So this could mean that the Cupertino specialists are already working on a solution to this problem with a new iteration of the product, and this time it will not just be the addition of new color options.

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Ming-Chi Kuo has been active on Twitter lately. It is well known that over the years one of the hottest filters on the scene Manzana. However, the analyst usually does not publish or delve into the overly specific details of the rumors and leaks he projects.

There are a lot of rumors around Apple right now. Between them we have the possibility that those from Cupertino will eliminate the Lightning connection in the iPhone 15, finally replacing it with USB-C. In addition, we have the next iPhone 14 Pro, which will be released with excavation a completely redesigned and slightly larger camera module than the current generation.

As for the company’s ecosystem, some leaks suggest that the company working on hybrid Apple TV with HomePod. However, it doesn’t look like Kuo’s rumors have anything to do with this upcoming device, as the analyst described said product as one that “may not have much innovation.”

Yes indeed don’t forget to take all rumors with a grain of salt. After all, a lot of things never came true. We’ll have to wait for the company’s official presentation to confirm if these alleged leaks turn out to be true; or if they are just one of many that never came to fruition.

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