The European Union (EU) Commission has issued a warning to Apple about a possible restriction on USB-C cables. Rumors point to the iPhone maker intending to use an authentication chip inside its devices to limit the speed of charging and data transmission on cables not approved by the company.

From December 2024, the economic bloc will standardize USB-C cables for all electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones, portable speakers and keyboards. The measure aims to be a more efficient and economical solution for consumers.avoids purchasing different cables for each device.

Apple has been using its own Lightning charging connector since 2012. In March, a tech industry analyst said that the company Optimizes fast charging performance of MFi certified chargers for iPhone 15.

In response to the rumors, European Commissioner Thierry Breton He sent a letter to Apple warning that limiting the functionality of USB-C cables would not be allowed.. If the rule is not followed, iPhone sales in the EU may be banned when the law comes into force.

Standardization of mobile phone chargers in Brazil

In Brazil, a proposal similar to European law also aims to standardize smartphone chargers. Bill (PL) 2643/22 requires the National Telecommunications Authority (Anatel) to approve only mobile phones with the USB-C standard in order to reduce electronic waste and save money for consumers.

PL is handled in the Senate with a terminating character. This means that if approved by the thematic committees, the proposal could become law without the need for a vote by parliamentarians. The text provides standardization from July 2024.

Source: Tec Mundo

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