Do you know password managers? We recommend these options for Mac. There are free and paid options.

Regular Internet users already have many accounts or profiles on various sites around the web, which have to create increasingly strong passwords to prevent hacking or information leaks. What is the problem? Most of the time we forget about them because we don’t type them or just generate them with random characters.

for this problem there are password management appshelps you remember and create them on all Internet sites. There are several very good options for Mac, and here we will recommend some very interesting ones.

Password manager apps for mac, which one is the best?

A password manager app for mac It will facilitate access to all websites that require profiles to prevent people from memorizing them all. The user only needs to learn one password (the password from the keychain) so that all available passwords can be viewed. There are free and paid versions:

iCloud Keychain

Because the Mac has its own application for password management, most of the time users do not need external applications. iCloud Keychain is a manager integrated into iOS and macOS and has basic and necessary functions in this type of application such as generating secure keys and some reuse warning.

The security of this application lies in the fact that: You must sign in with your Apple ID using items such as Touch ID or Face ID, depending on the device the user has.

The downside is iCloud Keychain there is no possibility to inform the user when the password needs to be changed and when it is compromised or hacked.

Password management app

Use these apps to remember your passwords or create more secure passwords

Final Pass

LastPass is one of the best apps for managing passwords and perhaps the most well-known of the entire list. It is fully compatible with Mac and iPhone, but as a security extension it can also be applied in any browser. You can also use Face ID and Touch ID to sign in securely.

In addition to the traditional uses of the password manager, This application allows you to create a digital wallet It saves data of internet purchases and WiFI passwords. Configuration is really simple as you can import passwords from browsers and other administrators.

A free version is available for download, but can only be used on a single device. The premium level costs 36 euros per year and includes two-step entry.

Buy Last Pass


1Password became one of the most downloaded apps Especially for being the first company in the world to opt for manual master password to increase 256-bit AES security and user security. Also, add 1GB of cloud storage for other passwords placed on other computers.

Somebody The exclusive features of this app is the travel mode. When the user activates it, some personal information will be deleted and kept in a kind of quarantine so that it can be restored in case of need.

a price of 60 euros per yearwith the possibility to access a 30-day trial period before confirming your purchase.

Buy 1Password


Users certainly know about VPN NordVPN for mobile devices. the creators themselves Nordpass password managerimport, 2-factor authentication, note storage, auto-complete, etc. A good option for users who want an application with traditional uses such as

It can be used completely free of charge, but has a limitation of using it on only one device. Premium plan costs 30 Euros per year.

Buy Nord Pass


Bit Warden is the cheapest password management app on the list. Even the free version has great features like unlimited storage, online identities, device sync and strong password generator for everyone.

Price Premium version is 10 euros per yearand adds extras like two-factor authentication, security analytics, and secure access for a family member in an emergency.

Buy BitWarden

In addition to Mac, there are some password managers for iPhone that are ideal for those who need a smartphone-only app. Remember that passwords are your security and greatest privacy on the Internet, so always choose one with uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and a sign (¡”#$%&).

Source: i Padizate

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