Lenovo introduced the Yoga L5, an LED table lamp that also uses the base as a wireless charging station. The device will go on sale in China this week, although the manufacturer has not announced a suggested retail price. It’s unclear if the L5 will launch in other regions as well.

The lamp is equipped with 72 LEDs whose color temperature can be changed by the user. The most striking feature is the wireless charger, which offers 10 watts of charging power to power devices such as smartphones, headphones and smart watches.

There are ten different brightness levels selected by the touch control of the base. In addition, the built-in photosensitive sensor detects changes in ambient light, allowing the light to adjust automatically. Also, the Yoga L5 is said to meet the Chinese AA certification as well as the AAA standard for eye protection during extended use.

Source: Gizmochina

Source: Hardware Info

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