Samsung brutally copied iMac’s design with new M8 monitor

Samsung’s M8 Smart Monitor is available in the US starting at $649.

Samsung brutally copied iMac's design with new M8 monitor
Samsung’s M8 Smart Monitor now introduces a new format

Samsung has updated its M7, M8 and M5 monitor lineup with new designs, formats and sizes. South Korean multinational will now offer a new 27 inch M8 Smart Monitor It will be added to the 32-inch version for a very competitive price. Now, it’s a fact that its design is shamelessly reminiscent of an Apple product… it looks like an iMac!

SmartMonitor 8, $649 (27 inches) and $700 (32 inches) in the United States and its commercialization will begin in the same month of June.

Samsung’s M8 monitor is actually an iMac

If we put both devices side by side, it will be almost impossible to tell them apart. design A very precise and exact replica of the iMac From Apple or Studio Display. Of course, with a much more affordable price suitable for every budget.

The base price of the Studio Display is 1,779 euros, while the Smart Monitor M8 costs approximately much less. 700 euros To change.

SmartMonitor M8

Smart Monitor M8 AirPlay support

Samsung’s monitor also has a thin, very sturdy stand that can swivel and adjust to any angle, just like the iMac stand does. It has a thickness of 11.3 mm, so Slightly thinner than iMacIt has a thickness of 11.5 mm.

However, Samsung has developed another method to connect the webcam to the monitor. Apple uses a notches –a bezel embedded in the display– on their MacBooks and wider frame although they also have the option to use the iPhone as a webcam with Continuity to add the camera to your iMac. Samsung, for its part, has integrated an external webcam. magnetic system Plugged into Smart Monitor M8.

Features and specifications

Some of the most important technical features of Samsung Smart Monitor M8 are:

  • 400 nits of brightness.
  • 4K screen resolution.
  • Refresh rate at 60 Hz.
  • HDMI 2.0, two USB-A ports, one USB-C port.
  • HDR 10+ support.

SmartMonitor M8

As for Apple, during the keynote event of its popular conference WWDC 2023 The company with the bitten apple logo introduced new Mac computers in the form of the 15.3-inch MacBook Air, the Mac Studio, and the new Mac Pros with powerful M2 Ultra processors. What do you think about the design of the Smart Monitor M8?

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