At the moment there is no official news about the series of iPhone 14which, as usual, must be announced during the month of September by Apple This time, however, we are dealing specifically with a rather disturbing report that talks about the postponement of some devices in the series, which comes directly from the pages of Nikkei Asiawhich are particularly reliable when it comes to the devices of the Cupertino giant.

According to what has been explained, corruption issues related to COVID would have caused the giant to have to… postpone at least one of the new gemswhich would therefore be delayed compared to the rest of the iPhone 14 series. At the moment it is not clear which one it is and which devices have in fact been most damaged by the production problems created by the impact of the pandemic.

Given what we know, it ain’t over iPhone miniwith in fact Apple that you would have left devices of this type by now to arrive in the new devices in the series, the iPhone 14 Max, which would aim to present itself with less relevant technical specifications than what we will see with the Pro models, but which would still offer larger screens than the base model.

In any case, it must be said that there is no need to worry at this point, and that the company has in fact not yet made a statement on the extraction, with the report merely anticipating a rather problematic situation that could to arise. a few months. In fact, it is certainly good to wait for the time being for an announcement from the company, which will have the opportunity to clarify the situation thanks to official statements.

Source: Lega Nerd

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