A new report could anticipate the news of the house Samsung as for the chip market, where the company apparently has particularly promising long-term plans, which would in fact change some details regarding the next devices to be released.

In concrete terms, there is a blockage to the development of new SoCs Exynos which are generally included in some markets, including Italy, in Samsung Galaxy of the S series, which apparently will not have any top of the line from the company for the next 2 years.

According to naverwill the company turn to Qualcomm And MediaTek as is generally the case for many other big names in the industry, but his plans for the production of SoCs would not be completed. In fact, the South Korean giant would concentrate all its energy to produce enough devices with excellent performance to dominate the semiconductor market within a certain time frame.

The aim therefore seems to be to catch up with the other majors in the sector, which are now in an advantageous position. It must be said that this is not an official press release, and that the company has not yet commented on the registration, but that the report still anticipates the big news from Samsung in the coming years.

As for the SoCs, it was also emphasized that they should not be used in relation to the S series of the Samsung Galaxy, but it cannot therefore be ruled out that other other smartphones of the giant have the opportunity to take advantage of any mid range or low range chips.

Source: Lega Nerd

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