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This is the new Harley-Davidson e-bike: for the mountains and with Michelin wheels


When Harley-Davidson spun off its electric bike division in Serial 1 and then released several urban electric bike models with the “/CTY” suffix, the company hinted that there would be more models.

Now Serial 1 has fulfilled that strong omen by introducing the brand’s first electric mountain bike, known as BASH/MTN. Curiously, they didn’t introduce suspension or gears, which we didn’t see on a mountain bike.

Serial number 1 BASH/MTN is built on the same structure as the current MOSH/CTY.and it may be a single speed hardtail, but it has been seen climbing stairs and doing all sorts of crazy stunts that you would never expect to see on a simple electric bike.

Less – more. This is the BASH/MTN promise. No complicated suspension setup, no complicated drivetrain setup – just two wheels, one gear and one target providing the most direct connection between you and the road.Aaron Franks, brand director of Serial 1, explained.

The bike is not completely without suspension, thanks to the inclusion of a suspension seatpost. Something is something, but until we try, we will not be able to say whether this little help will be enough for those who are racing down the mountain at full speed, with its annoying grinding …

Serial 1 BASH/MTN weighs a whopping 22.1 kg. due to special parts designed to deal with the new mountainous terrain. This includes: Luxurious high-traction Michelin E-Wild tires and high-performance TRP four-piston hydraulic disc brakes.

Harley-Davidson Electric Bicycle

However, the bike retains the same important drivetrain components as its urban brethren, including: a maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive belt, a mid-mounted Brose S Mag motor delivering 90 Nm of torque, and a 529 Wh lithium-ion battery developed by Serial 1.

Powerful built-in lighting, developed exclusively by the company, is also present, helping pilots illuminate the road ahead, key in the midst of nature to avoid hitting a tree or rock.

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