Kanye West has formed a small alliance with McDonald’s. The first initiative was seen a few weeks ago, during the Super Bowl of 2022: the rapper appeared in the advertisement that the fast food chain made especially for the very popular football event.

The second involves Kanye West redesigning the McDonald’s Official Packaging For a limited period of time, the packaging of the chain’s burgers, fries and drinks will be personalized by the artist. While there are no confirmations on this, the partnership will likely be limited exclusively to US restaurants.

The packages were created together with the industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa Kanye has already announced that he is anticipating the collaboration. The photo of the new hamburger packaging appeared on his Instagram account: the unmistakable McDonald’s logo appears on the top, while the blurred image of a hamburger hugs the entire surface of the packaging. And then the words “Next week it’s the fries”, a quote from the issue of the Gold Digger.

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