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The 6 Most Compromising DGT Roundabout Situations and How to Deal with Them


It’s common to see people make mistakes when driving around a roundabout. Drivers who don’t respect preferences, others who cross the lane as if it were a video game, and suicidal people who stop trucks in the process of maneuvering.

After the removal of the Dutch roundabouts and the new variations that the DGT is introducing on our roads, the basic rules for driving around roundabouts have not changed. And so they remind us of the Main Directorate of Road Traffic.

Today we are going to explain what are the six most common dangerous situations that drivers face on a daily basis at a roundabout. And, most importantly, how to deal with them. All thanks to DGT’s advice:

  1. Entrance to the inner lane: When the right lane is congested, entry from the left lane straight inward is allowed.
  2. Group of cyclists: The first cyclist has already entered the roundabout, but the whole group has priority because they act as a single vehicle.
  3. Internal signal: A traffic light or signal forces you to give way. In this case, incoming vehicles have priority.
  4. Departure from the inner lane: The inside lanes are for traffic, but you are allowed to exit from inside if the sign allows it and the right lane is occupied.
  5. Large cars: To turn the truck must take the second lane, respecting the priority of those who move on it. Other vehicles must be allowed to maneuver.
  6. Zero visibility: The bus makes it difficult to see the inside of the roundabout. We can’t slowly get into a roundabout with no visibility, so we wait until we see if it’s safe to enter.

These are the six most common occurrences that occur day in and day out at any roundabout in Spain, so there is no excuse for illegal or incorrect driving at the next roundabout you come across.

If you have any doubts, here we leave you the DGT digital magazine, where every situation is explained so that there are no problems or misunderstandings.

Source: Computer Hoy

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