EVEscape artificial intelligence developed by Harvard Medical School and Oxford University can “predict” viral mutations and their potential risks. The study on the functioning and applications of artificial intelligence was published in the journal Nature.

Viruses are programmed to evolve. Contact with hosts’ DNA introduces new mutations in the genetic code of pathogens, creating adaptations and creating new viral lineages known as strains.

Each new strain brings different challenges for researchers, as they may be equipped with new tools to help the virus evade our immune system. Not all mutations produce viruses that are more effective at infecting humans, but some can evade the immune system..

Currently, the most effective way is to study retrospectively. The variants are discovered following experimental analysis of samples from infected people. But this means the virus is already circulating.

Meet EVEscape, the artificial intelligence that can ‘predict the future’

Artificial intelligence, EVEscape has proven effective at predicting new variants before they emergeR. Artificial intelligence is currently being used to analyze possible variants of Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and flu viruses.

Originally, EVE AI was developed to predict the ability of human genetic mutations to cause cancer and heart disease. With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges encountered, researchers decided to invest in artificial intelligence and turned it into a tool for analysis, variant prediction, immune escape risk prediction and risk screening.

EVEscape AI is able to analyze viral sequences by combining them with biological information, providing an excellent prediction of future Covid-19 variants. This information is useful so that researchers can focus on variants that are at higher risk of immune evasion..

In addition to the Covid-19 virus, EVEscape is also used to analyze other viruses with pandemic potential, such as Lassa, West Africa, and Nipah, Malaysia.

Infallible vaccines?

Knowing where the virus is evolving helps us understand which control and treatment methods are most effective. Since prevention is always the best solution, researchers are exploring the possibility of developing vaccines with a broader spectrum of action.

Variant-proof vaccines will help keep immunity current, reducing the risk of transmission.

When we know how viruses can evolve, how we can stop transmission, and even design safe and effective treatments, our response to new pandemics can be much better than what happened with Covid-19.

Every fortnight, the research group publishes a new bulletin on Covid-19 variants of interest and also makes the AI ​​code freely available on its GitHub website.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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