He cyber truckexpected pick up Electric, which Tesla announced in 2019, is continuing its testing phases before officially reaching first customers during this year. The company moved one of its models to New Zealand, which prompted many curious people to see it in person, and which caused that they have discovered a characteristic that was hitherto unknown.

In particular, the Cybertruck model seen in New Zealand was photographed by an amateur who posted the images on the portal. CybertruckOwnersClub. It claims that the operators were unloading the car at a landfill in the Southern Hemisphere (SHPG). This is a test field for test the durability of vehicles in extreme cold conditions.

He also points out that before security evicted all onlookers and forced some to delete some images, he was able to film the Cybertruck inside the truck. He pick up It came with camouflage vinyl and had open front trunk. This compartment is called frank. In electric vehicles, it is usually possible to use the space that an engine would fit in an internal combustion vehicle. And despite the fact that the pictures are not of very good quality – probably due to the distance from which they were taken – everything indicates that, given the dimensions pick upthat would be a great size.

Cybertruck will get first customers this year

He frank This is just one of the many Cybertruck innovations that Tesla has kept in the dark. The car is basically It has undergone various changes to its design since its release.. Some of them were even reported by the Tesla CEO himself. Elon Musk essentially stated a few months ago that pick up The electric will come without handles on the doors, despite the fact that the first versions had them. They will open automatically, Musk explained.

Musk himself also clarified that the Cybertruck will no longer tolerate delivery delays, and confirmed that the first models will reach customers during this 2023.

Recently the Ford CEO also spoke about pick up Tesla, stating that the car does not meet the needs of customers and calling it a “cool decoration” due to its aesthetics and little functionality.

Source: Hiper Textual

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