With publication Titanic: 25 years later James Cameron showed that the end of Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) was not as crazy as many have assumed all these years. It’s true that both he and Rose (Kate Winslet) fit on the board, but the sum of their masses would drown it. There would be other options, but they all they put Rose’s life in dangerto which Jack never agreed. Now, however, Cameron has added a new hypothesis that he believes could save both members of the couple: iceberg who sank an ocean liner.

In fact, with this hypothesis, they would not have escaped alone. Jack and Rose. Also many other Titanic passengers. It would only take a few Fur coatsenough on a ship full of millionaires to withstand the cold

But how realistic is it? The truth is that James Cameron usually doesn’t come up with crazy hypotheses without first thinking them through. And this has been brewing for many years, since I already raised it in my book Titanic and the creation of James Cameron. He admits it won’t be easy, but perhaps better than waiting in the cold waters that have killed so many people. In addition, both he and other ocean liner experts believe that their captain made quite a few mistakes when it came to rescuing passengers. There were options that were not taken into account and, curiously, several of them pass wait on the ice.

Can you wait on the iceberg?

Climbing an iceberg isn’t all that crazy. In fact, there have already been people who have climbed one. It’s a climber’s business Justin Amberley and glacier modeler Kevin Le Morzadek. Together they climbed to the top of a 45-meter glacier located near the port in 2012. Kidi VidiIn Canada.

This is an area of ​​glaciers near the place where the Titanic sank. But in this case, the meeting was completely planned.

Amberley saw the iceberg from the shore and decided to call his friend to try and climb it. They were equipped with wetsuits, life jackets and ice axes. Of course, much more than the passengers of the Titanic. Be that as it may, it was a feat that showed that, despite the cold and uneven terrain, one could climb an iceberg. It is not known exactly how it happened that on that icy April night the dream ship was touched. In Titanic: 25 years later, James Cameron reveals that water it reached -10ºC. Landing on an iceberg without proper clothing would be unbearable. However, in the absence of wetsuits, perhaps fur coats would not be so crazy.

There have already been people who have climbed the iceberg. Credit: Derek Oyen (Unsplash)

According to James Cameron, the crew of the Titanic could have done more

It’s not just the iceberg that sank the Titanic. The area was littered with icy bodies that could serve as platforms for passengers to wait for their rescuers. This is something that both James Cameron and many other experts on the ship support. In fact, some of these platforms were much flatter, so there would be no need to climb like Amberley and Le Morzadec.

The problem will be to get there, because the frozen water will not allow them to swim. Therefore, all these people believe that the crew of the Titanic should have improvise more lifeboats, with mattresses and boards. Few other lives would have been saved, but every one counts.

In any case, it is no longer possible to know if they thought about it and if it really helped. It is clear that, according to James Cameron, in addition to the famous table, there were other options. Perhaps if he had made Rose and Jack climb the iceberg, the ending would have been different. But the truth is, we don’t see the film any differently anymore. I wish in real history they came up with another way to save their lives. The film after 25 years we can confirm that it is perfect as is.

Source: Hiper Textual

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