google has been able to bring a new one on the market for a long time Android 12operating system designed with the ability to improve how long until then ad Android 11but, as evidenced by new images included on the pages of 9to5Googleit is not yet the most widely used operating system as, as explained on the pages of Gizmochina, users still opt for the old version.

Android 11 has conquered 28.3% of users who own a smartphone with Android, with Android 10 instead following the eleventh version with a 23.9% from the market. We’ll talk about Android 9 Piewho gets 16.2%, and finally from Android 8 Oreoby 11.6%.

Certainly not strange the fact that the new operating system is not immediately adopted by all users, who in most cases cannot use the flagship devices – and in fact have devices that they cannot use to support the new operating system.

Over time, the situation will improve with regard to the use of the new next-generation operating systems, with Google certainly continuing to work on new updates to improve its potential with regard to operating systems on mobile.

Source: Lega Nerd

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